Online Courses

We offer University-approved, high-quality online courses on a selection of interesting topics within biosciences, biomedicine, pharma studies and bioinnovation.

Our courses have been designed to grant 2-5 ECTS for academic degree students and lifelong learners/bioscience professionals.

You are welcome to the courses if you have the study right at any Finnish university. If not yet, please see how to study in Finland.

Note: After following the link, please press “guest login” in order to see full course description in Moodle if you do not want to register / log in with HAKA.

Please note, that this web page is not updated anymore. However, Jobitti online courses are running at least until 2025. Please check the up-to-date course information in DigiCampus Jobitti-page (box below or

Courses were built by experts in each course topic as a joint effort of scientists in four Finnish Universities and their long-standing collaboration within the Nordic University biosciences network, NordBioMedNet. Our industry collaborators have added working life aspects and relevance to the courses.

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